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About Us

Alliance Technology Corporation is an international provider of lamination services. We deliver a diverse product line that helps our customers worldwide.

Alliance Technology Corporation is a privately owned manufacturing and marketing company headquartered in Maryland, USA with additional facilities in Asia. We are the foremost company in the development and supply of off-line UV Liquid Coating Systems and supplies.

Thanks to our close relationships with leading printer manufacturers throughout the world we are able to keep pace with print technology by continuously upgrading our capabilities and product performance.

Our range of Cyclone branded UV Liquid Coating machines stretches from the SF (small format) 13”/0.33m model to the XL (wide format) 80” /2.0m model. We also have a wide range of CycloneLac branded UV Lacquers developed specifically for use with our liquid coating system for the protection of digital and photographic prints, packaging and signs.

Below you will find relevant information about our company. We encourage you to contact us for any of your liquid lamination needs.


2 North Maple Avenue, Ridgely, Maryland 21660, USA
Tel.: 1-(410)634-9381
Fax: 1-(410)634-9382

Branch Offices

Asia – Taipei, Taiwan

Mr. Tom Yu, President
Mr. Randy Hendrickson, Director of Manufacturing & Technical Development
Mr. Francois Jelalian, Director of Technical Services

Language Capabilities

English, Spanish, French, Chinese

Manufactured Products

“ATC-UV13, ATC-UV24, ATC-UV36, ATC-UV60, ATC-UV70, ATC-UV80” Liquid Lamination System
“ATC-60RT, ATC-80Rt” Roll feed and Take up System
Wide selection of UV-based Liquid Coating Lacquers